Bullet Proof Image Hosting Pix.am

Bullet Proof Image Hosting Pix.am briefPix.AM is an online tool for bullet proof image hosting. You can upload a picture from your computer or from any URL link. If you choose the Bullet proof option, pix.am will automatically send your image to several image hosts like (imageshack, picasa, photobucket, …). Pix.am will store an original too. Pix.am will monitor your image availability and in case some hosting service deletes it, pix.am will re-upload your image to that service.

The idea behind Pix.am is the integrity of your hosted images. You do not have to check anything. Pix.am does the checking automatically. After uploading an image you will be provided with the link to the original image and also a small and large thumbnails.

Bullet Proof Image Hosting Pix.am brief

It is a startup and we do not know how well and long they will succeed with this idea.

Who: Anyone who hosts images online.
Registration: No
Cost: Free
Website: pix.am