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  • thelargecards

    Large Cards Personalized Poster Collages is a new online service for creating personalized poster collages.  Most posters on this site are available in 8″x10″ or 12″x18″ and come in several different themes such as sports, family and school, outdoors, and pets.  There is an easy 3-step process to create […]

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  • iaza

    Online Image Multi Purpose Tool – Iaza

    Iaza offers a range of online photo tools for editing, manipulating and converting your images. You can upload (or use an image URL) a file of up to 2 Mb. For protecting your images’ privacy, Iaza generates a random and unique URL of each processed […]

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  • bannier-share-photos-en-18975-20750

    Share Photo Album and Gallery is an online photo service that lets you create and share photo galleries for free. They also offer paid services like developing and printing of your photos; printing photo books and calendars. You can select what images you want to be kept confidential and […]

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  • shrinkpictures

    Online Image Resizer

    Shrinkpictures is an online photo resize tool. You need no graphics skills or knowledge to resize your image for posting it in your blog or some forum. You can choose different sizes of your photo: 760 Pixels; 600 Pixels; 350 Pixels; 100 Pixels or use […]

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  • makeathumbnail

    Quick and Simple Thumbnail Generator is an online photo app that does what its name says: it generates a thumbnail from a picture that you upload. Before uploading your image, choose the size of thumbnail that you need. The options are 100 x 100, 150 x 150, 200 x […]

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  • shareyourshots

    Share Photos from One Event with Shareyourshots

    Shareyourshots is an online photo app for consolidating photographs of one even taken by several guests. Even not beeing the event’s organiser, you can create the event with Shareyourshots and invite other participants to share the photos they have taken. That way you will be […]

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  • uploadingit

    Uploadingit Cloud Backup for Your Photos offers cloud based backup for your images and videos. Store 10 Gb of files free of charge. Use very easy file manager right in your web browser, with multi uploading and drag-drop features. Arrange files in folders with an option of password protection. No […]

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  • makeovr

    Slim Your Photo with WeightMirror

    Weightmirror is an online tool for photo manipulation. It makes a person on the photo look slim. No Photoshop skills required. You can apply basic editing on the photo you aploaded: rotation, tilting sidewide, changing brightness and contrast. iPhone/iPad free apps available How to […]

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  • pummelvision

    Pummelvision Creates a Video with Your Life Flash Photo Slideshow

    Pummelvision is an online photo tool for creating a video that flashes your life in photos. Photos can be taken from your DailyBooth, Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr or Tumblr accounts. A unique and rapid slideshow of your life is then created, accompanies with music. You can […]

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  • dropevent

    DropEvent Gallery to Share Photos from One Event

    DropEvent is an online app that allows you to create a photo gallery and have others contribute to it. It is especially handy for sharing photos from one event like a party/wedding/birthday as these photographs can be taken by many guests in one place. Usually […]

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