Create Collages and Slideshows with Vuvox

Create Collages and Slideshows with Vuvox  featuredVUVOX creates online interactive slideshows (collages) using a range of effects, theme templates and designs.

It enables you to easily turn your photos, videos, text and audio clips into interactive stories, which can be published, embedded, and syndicated into any website, blog or social networking site.

  • Content: All you need to do is provide content that you want to add to a collage. Use these sources: Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug, uploading a file.
  • Design: You can choose backgrounds, colors, textures of your collage; add background music to your collage.
  • If you upload your own image, you can “cutout” a certain area within that image to then “slide” your show behind that cutout to view it.
  • Once you’ve published your VUVOX collage, you can edit (or delete it) directly from the specific detail page if you are logged-in.
  • It is a great tool for students who will be able to express their creativity and demonstrate their understanding of content in an exciting new manner. They can mash many types of media together into a completely new creative presentation.
  • It is a similar tool to Prezi but lacks some flexibility. Vuvox is not that simple as it is advertised. You will need some time to learn how it works but then you will be happily suprised with the results of your work.

Who:  photojournalists, photobloggers, students

Cost: Free


Create Collages and Slideshows with Vuvox  featured Create Collages and Slideshows with Vuvox  featured