Create Online Lighting Diagrams with SyLights

Create Online Lighting Diagrams with SyLights briefSylights (Share Your Lights) is a Strobist oriented tool for creating and sharing lighting diagrams and schemes. The idea behind this free online service was to encourage photographers to share their lighting diagrams so that others can learn new lighting setups.

The tool is still in the development phase but it is open to user’s registrations. There is a core functionality of building diagrams and more features are planned to be added later. As a guest you can play and create your lighting schemes but they will be deleted in 24 hours. If you sign up however, your diagrams will be stored and available forever.

Create Online Lighting Diagrams with SyLights brief

There is a handy option to download a diagram or send its permanent link.

The other new iPhone App is a SyLights port to the iPhone. SyLights allows to create store and manipulate diagrams with loads and loads of studio equipment. Then those can be saved to your camera roll (iPhone’s lingo for image directory). Best of all it is a free application.

Sylights for iPhone from Sylights on Vimeo.

USE:  Strobist, studio lighting, off-camera lighting

Cost: Free

Web site:

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