Document Your Life with ShutterCal

Document Your Life with ShutterCal featuredShutterCal is an online tool for storing and visualizing your photographs in a calendar view. Save a visual history of your life by taking photos on a daily basis. Later it will help you recall the places you have visited and life experiences you have had.

Document Your Life with ShutterCal featured

After a quick registration you will be able to upload a photo to any day and write a small caption for it. If you scroll your pictures through time you will remember what was important to you each day. Another great benefit of documenting your life with ShutterCal is that it will  improve your photography skills. Once you have uploaded your photo, you can manually set the area you want to be seen in a thumbnail.

There is an option to print your calendar project to keep it forver on a hard copy.

If you are bored, look at other users’ photos choosing the day you wish to explore. There is already a big community of ShutterCal addicts. An important notice: all pictures uploaded to ShutterCal remain the property of the photographer. So do not worry that your images may be used by ShutterCal’s creators.

  • There is a live forum with discussions on various subjects like camera equipment, photo talk, meet-ups.
  • ShutterCal is supported by the printing services and it is promised to always remain free to users.
  • ShutterCal holds photography contests. Check the current ones here.
  • There is an iPhone app that you can use for uploading daily photos to ShutterCa.

Who: Those who want to photographically record their life and improve photo skills.

Cost: Free