DropEvent Gallery to Share Photos from One Event

DropEvent Gallery to Share Photos from One Event briefDropEvent is an online app that allows you to create a photo gallery and have others contribute to it. It is especially handy for sharing photos from one event like a party/wedding/birthday as these photographs can be taken by many guests in one place.

Usually some guests add their photos to their Facebook albums but the problem is that not everyone can access these profiles and albums. So here is where DropEvent comes in with collaborative galleries.

  1. Register and create an event
  2. Send the link to your friends who have attended that event
  3. They add photos
  4. You need to approve these photos before they are actually added to the album

Who: Event organisers and people who want to share photos from the same event
Registration: Required to create the event and not required to add photos
Cost: Free
Website: www.dropevent.com