Zoom.it: High Resolution Image Viewing

Zoom.it: High Resolution Image Viewing briefZoom.it is a free service for viewing and sharing high-resolution images. It lets you zoom in and out of the photo, no matter how large it is. There is no need to sacrifice image quality with really large images. No tiny detail will lost if zoomed with Zoom.it.

Zoom.it: High Resolution Image Viewing brief

Just enter the URL address of the image you want to share and you will be given a link to send to your friends or post in your blog. You can convert any website to an image by adding “http://zoom.it/?url=” in front of the URL of any Web page. In either case, you get a hosted version of that image. There is an option to embed the player on your own site.

They offer a bookmarklet that you can use in your browser next time you’re viewing a large image.

Who: Photographers who create a very high resolution photos like panoramas.

Cost: Free

Web site: www.zoom.it