Image Editor and Collage Maker: Ribbet

Image Editor and Collage Maker: Ribbet featured

Ribbet! is another free online photo editing app and collage maker with beautiful filters, seasonal effects, touch-ups, stickers and fonts.

Built on the same platform that made Picnik great, Ribbet lets you edit your photos and build collages directly from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa Web Albums, any web URL, from your computer or from your editing history.

Bookmark your favorite effects, store photos and your editing history online for free in the Ribbet cloud, and create collages with over 50 unique layouts. Ribbet has a comprehensive set of touch-up effects, advanced photographic tools including curves, clone and levels, more than 100 hand-picked fonts, as well as the ability to use fonts installed on your computer. Ribbet also has all the basic effects you need including resize, crop and auto-fix.

Facebook app:
Who: Those who need quick and simple image editing
Cost: Free
Registration: Not required