Online Image Resizer

Online Image Resizer briefShrinkpictures is an online photo resize tool. You need no graphics skills or knowledge to resize your image for posting it in your blog or some forum.

You can choose different sizes of your photo: 760 Pixels; 600 Pixels; 350 Pixels; 100 Pixels or use a proportion of the original image: 75%,  50% or 25%. Alternatively you can specify a custom maximum dimention (up to 1000 px).

There is an option to automatically apply special effects to your resized photo: Sepia or Grayscale.

And finally choose what image quality you need for JPG compression (from good to best) because it will affect the image file size

Original images can be in JPG, GIF or PNG formats and their file size may be up to 6 Mb.

There is a special version optimised for Facebook: Facebook Image Resizer

Who: Anyone who needs a resized photo quickly without using any software
Registration: Not required
Cost: Free