Power Online Photo Editing with MugTug’s DarkRoom

Power Online Photo Editing with MugTugs DarkRoom briefMugTug’s DarkRoom is an online image editor, based on HTML5. Its interface resembles one of Apple’s Aperture, with a dark background and plenty of sliders in the sidebars to let you control various parameters of the photo.

Editing parameters include white balance, enhancement by contrast and saturation, exposure and some effects such as black-and-white, sepia… You can also rotate and crop the picture with handy rule of thirds lines.

Power Online Photo Editing with MugTugs DarkRoom briefIt is easy and simple to upload your own photo. You can upload a photo from your computer, enter the URL to a photo or grab one from an existing Flickr or Picasa web album. When editing is done editing, you can save the photos back to a Web gallery or to your computer. The speed of editing is quite fast. The changes are applied almost instantaneous, as though it is a traditional image editing program. However, there are limited editing functions, for instance there is no sharpening tool.

Power Online Photo Editing with MugTugs DarkRoom briefDarkroom also comes with a dozen photo effects.

Since Darkroom is still Beta we can expect new functionality will be added and more options will come.

What is great about this online tool is that it does not require you to login to edit your images. Unfortunately there is live preview feature and what is worse – no history to roll back your changes.

With nothing but a web browser, you can get the most out of your digital camera and transform your original digital photographs into breataking compositions.

Cost: Free

Who: Every photographer who needs quick basic editing

Website: http://mugtug.com/darkroom/