Photo Editing Gets Simple with Pixlr

Photo Editing Gets Simple with Pixlr featuredPixlr is is a browser-based Flash application for image editing that resembles Photoshop in both features and functionality. Pixlr Editor is an advanced photo editing service and Pixlr Express can be used for quickly fixing some basic problems with your photos.

Features include:

  • Variety of filters and effects
  • Blend modes
  • Elliptical Marquee tool
  • Custom Brushes
  • Various adjustments to transform photographs
  • Highly customizable user-friendly interface with movable and scalable windows
  • History window for quick undo/redo
  • Fee-hand crop, move, super-impose and interpolate images and rotate and remove entire canvases
  • The interface is translated into 12 languages
  • No need to register

Photo Editing Gets Simple with Pixlr featured

Limited import and export functions are the only weakness. You can only load an image from your computer or from an URL. There is no intergration with image hosting services or social websites. The same is true for saving your photo. You can only save it to your hard disk.

A Firefox plugin lets you automatically import any web page you’re on to Pixlr for editing. If you want to edit any image on the web, right click and select Edit in Pixlr. The image editor will open in a new tab and load the picture automatically. There is a plugin for Google Chrome too.

Who: Those who need to edit their photos quickly online.

Cost: Free