One Photo a Day Project with

One Photo a Day Project with is an online tool for doing a photography project: it allows you to upload one photo every day and store it in high quality. In a while you will be able to view your stream of daily photographs at a glance. You can keep your project private or share with friends by providing them with the URL of your thumbnail view.

  • Each day a placeholder for a new photo will be automatically unlocked for you to add a new image into this box. You can either drag and drop a file or use a file browser and select the image you need. If you miss one day, there will be an emty box on that day.
  • For viewing there is an option of the main thumbnail view. If you click on a thumbnail, a fast and high quality slide view opens. Original full size photos are available for downloading too.
  • Although your collection is private by default, you can share with friends your thumbnail view and each individual photo as they have a public URL.

Who: Those who want to document their life by taking one photo a day during whole year.

Cost:  $5