Picmeleo: Embeddable Web 2.0 Photo Editor

Picmeleo: Embeddable Web 2.0 Photo Editor featuredPicmeleo is a FREE online photo editor that easily integrates to your website.

You can easly add Picmeleo to your web service and launch the light-weight yet powerful photo editor so that your users are able to to upload or to edit an image. Picmeleo will open within your site and your users never leave your service.

There is a growing list of tools including Crop, Scale, Rotate, Auto-fix, Filters and many more that you can use.

Picmeleo has built-in multilanguage support.

The Picmeleo site isn’t actually for editing photos: it’s for signing up. You then embed the editor on your own website, blog, etc.

Cost: Free

Sample: www.picmeleo.com/example

Web site: www.picmeleo.com