Quick Non-destructive Photo Editing with Pixer.us

Quick Non destructive Photo Editing with Pixer.us briefPixer.us is a simple to use and fast web-based image editing service for basic needs.

No registration is required, which definetely saves the time.

You can upload any image and start editing it within seconds, all in your brower.

Basic editing tools available:

  • crop
  • rotate
  • resize
  • adjust the brightness, contrast, blur, sharpness and saturation
  • convert to grayscale or sepia
  • special effects: oil painting, rusty, textile, pixellate, etc.

All modifications are done in a non-destructive way and there is an UNDO button.

After your editing is done, save your photo in any of these formats: JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP.

Who: Those who need basic photo editing and who want to save time.

Cost: Free

Website: www.pixer.us