Share and Backup Photos via PhotoRocket

Share and Backup Photos via PhotoRocket featuredPhotoRocket is an online, Win/Mac/iPhone tool for a simple way to share digital photographs.

Sharing an image becomes very easy and quick – just click on it and choose who you want to share it with. Your friend(s) will be notified by email to look at your image. All you need to do is to pick up those you wish to share with and it is done.

One click sends photos to your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and other sites. You do not have to give up using your favorite photo viewing program. PhotoRocket works from any program.

It is a great backup solution for your photos as well as a full-resolution copy of your photo that you shared is automatically stored at

You can download and install PhotoRocket app on Windows, Mac, iPhone. Android and iPad will be available soon.

PhotoRocket supports sharing your photos to: Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Shutterfly and Twitter. You need to enable this feature.

These files can be shared via PhotoRocket: bmp, gif, ico, jpeg, jpg, png, tif, tiff, and wmf.

Who: Photographers who want to share images quickly
Registration: Required
Cost: Free