Share iPhone photos with Instagram

Share iPhone photos with Instagram briefInstagram is an online and iPhone app that makes sharing your life with friends as instant and magic as those first Polaroid pictures.

  • Snap a photo with your iPhone, then choose a filter to transform the look and feel of the shot and upload it to Instagram.
  • Instagram supports sharing photos on Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter. You can specify a location with your photo and opt to be added on Foursquare.
  • There are 11 different custom filters that transform the colors, mood, border, and tonality of your photos.
  • You can choose Public or Private options for your images. If you choose Public, anyone can subscribe to follow your photos. With Private mode, you will have to approve all follow requests before they go through.

iPhone and iPod app is available here:

Who: iPhone owners

Registration: Required

Cost: Free