Share Photos from One Event with Shareyourshots

Share Photos from One Event with Shareyourshots briefShareyourshots is an online photo app for consolidating photographs of one even taken by several guests.

Even not beeing the event’s organiser, you can create the event with Shareyourshots and invite other participants to share the photos they have taken. That way you will be able to download all the photos or order prints that will save your memories. Even if a professional photographer was used in the even, there might have been a number of candid photos taken by guests and it is great to have access to them.

Share Photos from One Event with Shareyourshots brief

Social sites like Facebook is not an option for sharing photos from one event because different people have some privacy restrictions for their own photo albums.

  • You can use various themes for creating an event page
  • Your guests need no registration to be able to upload pictures
  • Your events are private and others will be able to view or add photos only if you send them a special code
Who: Anyone who attend events and want to consolidate all photos taken there
Registration: Required for event creators but not required for quests to add photos
Cost: Free trial (one event for 14 days) and $6/month premium plan