TinySrc Resizes Images for Mobile Devices

TinySrc Resizes Images for Mobile Devices featuredTinysrc.net is an online tool for inserting your images to a website to be viewed from mobile devices. The tool automatically shrinks your image to fit the device screen.

All you have to do is provide the URL of a large image and options how you want it to be displayed, and tinySrc will shrink it down after detecting the device screen size. Just add a prefix to your image URLs:


This WordPress plugin replaces all image tag src’s within your content with the tinysrc src and provides a function to call in your themes to optimise those images.


  • The aspect ratio is always preserved
  • You can specify the height and width of the image
  • Images cannot be enlarged.
  • By default, the image is displayed on the full width of the screen
  • You can choose a proportion of the screen that your image will take
  • Supports PNG and JPEG, GIF are converted to PNG
  • There are presets of screen sizes that you can choose from. For example, ‘ultra’ includes phones such as Apple’s iPhone and the Android platform with screens 320px by 480px

Who: Those whose image will be viewed on mobile devices.
Registration: No
Cost: Free
Website: tinysrc.net